Networking solutions for all your needs Delivering solutions that drive business results
Build your dream Gaming Computer with Al Tawasel IT Super Gaming Computer Builds at competitive pricing
Strong security solutions for your business Customized solutions per your security needs

Omani IT Team

Al Tawasel IT Team is led by a Omani IT professionals. The team ensures dealing in the highest professionalism and thrives to provide you with high quality service

Customized Solutions

Al Tawasel IT provides their clients with customized solutions based on their IT needs.  We draw up a plan worthy of your business's IT requirement that will help you grow.

Professional Support

We are dedicated to provide you with the highest quality professional services and support in Al Tawasel IT. Our Team will work with you to ensure your requirement is always fulfilled.

Fast solutions

We believe in giving our customers the best and fastest solution. Our Team takes each project with the utmost improtance and do everything they can to meet all project deadlines.

Latest projects

In Al Tawasel we are proud of each and every project we have finished. These are few of our esteemed projects with some of our client selections.

  • Diwan A/V

    Diwan of Royal Court has a lecture hall where they hold various event and they…

  • 968 Gamez

    968 Gamez was the first Fully Omani gaming and pop culture event. With events like…

  • Awasr CCTV Project

    Awasr has many kisosk around Muscat and Salalah. They requested a CCTV solution to monitor…

Computer Services

We provide full computer services solution for your organization. From supplying to support contracts. Al Tawasel will provide.

IT Products

We can supply all your organization's IT consumables. Keyboards, mice, monitors, printers and much more. We only deal with high quality branded materials.

Network Infrastructure

We can handle your network infrastructure from the ground up. Whether it's passive work or active work.


In Al Tawasel IT we care about your organizations security. We provide CCTV, Access control and software security through our partnership with Avast.

Gaming Products

We are gaming enthusiasts at Al Tawasel. We provide a variety of gaming products and equipment including custom PCs.

Fast Delivery

With our logistics partners we can deilver your Products across Oman in a reasonable time with professional courier services.


We have partnered with security giants, Hikvision and Dauha. To provide you with high quality security solutions for your organization.

A/V Solutions

We expand our horizion in the IT field and include Audio and Video. We provide you with solutions for your broadcasting needs.

Professional Omani Team...
With a full Omani professional mangmenet team...

Al Tawasel IT is able to provide you with the best solution without any languege barriers. We treat our clients as part of the family and listen to their every need and provide them with the highest satisfactory outcome.

Versatile services
The IT field is vast...

That is why in AL Tawasel IT we are specialized in many fields which covers all your organizations requirements. We can provide you with solutions best fit for your origination.

Project training
We do not just handover the project...

In Al Tawasel we make sure when we handover the project that you as our client feel like this project was done within your organizations. We provide with high quality training and documentation that allows you to carry on with the solution on your own.